Sokl, 2019

Performance at Park Spoor Noord

Sokl, 2019.
Performance, 3 days (3-5 hours each day).
Antwerpen, BE

During 3 days I built a weird structure with broken legs on top of a pedestal. A heavy and annoying device that later was used to hang and carry people over a very short distance. 
My presence on the top of the pedestal created an expectation that something would happen. I was building in open space, with a lot of noise of welding, sanding, and cutting metals, mixed with the samba music I was listening to in the background.
During my breaks, I was wearing my fluffy green jacket and telling people stories like the one about a parakeet living in front of my house in Brussels, or about the daughter of Glaucous, who wanted to have the same skills as her father.


@maurice meewisse, Antwerpen, BE, 2019