Self-portrait #2 (capricho), 2018

Autorretrato #2(capricho), 2018
Poster, tamanhos variados
Bruxelas, Bélgica

Self- Portrait #2 (capricho), 2018

Billboard, 400cmX200cm

Image printed on PVC tarpaulin. 400 cm x 200cm.

The work is an exuberant image of the artist and her artwork.

Capricho. Definition:

To Caprichar in Brazilian Portuguese means to do something very well.

Capricho: an 80s Brazilian teenage fashion magazine which influenced Elen Braga at the age 15.

Los Caprichos: a series of 80 engravings by the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya, which were a harsh denunciation of his society in the late eighteenth century. The first Capricho was a portrait of Goya himself.


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